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Online Mediation Services 

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Parenting Time Mediation (f.k.a. Custody Scheduling), addresses co-parenting plans, child visitation, scheduling, child support, and other issues pertaining to child disputes. This may be court-ordered as well. Please click on the link above for more information.

Court Ordered Mediation occurs when both parties are required by the court to attend mediation, in order to advance further in the litigation process and reach a resolution faster and more painlessly. This order may also include Parenting Time Arrangements to be made by both parents, as ordered by the courts. Both parties can freely air grievances and come up with results that can later be presented to the judge, on their own terms, not the courts. After the required number of sessions is met, both parties can go back to court with an agreement for the judge to review or without resolution, letting the court make the decisions.

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Divorce mediation helps parties with the resolution of property, assets and other issues presenting an overall lay of the land for both parties in a non-litigious environment. Please click on the link above for more information.

Family mediation is for families needing help reaching resolutions that can span from basic disagreements to visitation requests from grandparents wanting to see their grandchildren. We understand that each situation is unique and no solution is a one size fits all for families.  This is deal method of resolution for families to reach a resolution, in a non-litigious environment. Please click on the link above for more information.

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parent coordination coaching

Parent Coordination Coaching is a supportive process designed to help separated or divorced parents manage their parenting responsibilities in a harmonious way.   This service is especially valuable in ensuring children's needs are met while minimizing their exposure to parental conflicts. It is a nurturing and practical approach to making co-parenting work smoothly for everyone involved.

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