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Meet your Mediator

Nephele Delis

Nephele Delis, founder and president of Delis Mediation, LLC, a family and divorce mediator,  specializes in divorce mediation and crafting personalized parenting time plans, backed by extensive training and 15 years of educational experience. Her approach focuses on mediation that resolves complex family issues with resilient, child-centric outcomes. Committed to accessibility, Nephele offers flexible virtual session scheduling with extended hours and weekend availability. Serving mediation clients nationwide, she ensures that wherever you are, Nephele is always a mediator near you.

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Online Mediation Services Near You 


As General, Divorce, Educational, Certified Child Custody, and Visitation Mediator, located in Bloomington, IL, Delis Mediation believes in family and child-centric solutions, focused on a safe and supportive environment for all involved. We cater to both individuals and families, ensuring everyone involved finds a path towards peaceful resolution. Our specialized approach and ethos, emphasizes empathy, open communication, and collaboration, aiming to transform challenging disputes into opportunities for growth and understanding. We prioritize compassion and efficiency, focusing on resolving conflicts outside of court whenever feasible and focusing on child-centric mediation to support the well-being of younger family members during divorce or separation. With our virtual appointment options, there is always a mediator near you, ensuring that our professional mediators are accessible no matter your location. Our services are designed to foster a constructive and amicable resolution, making Delis Mediation a trusted choice for handling sensitive family law matters.


"Never Discourage Anyone Who Continually Makes Progress, No Matter How Slow" - Plato

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