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Parenting time schedules, formerly known as custody schedules, are crucial for maintaining consistent routines for children. Delis Mediation assists co-parents in crafting plans with child centric focus that provides stability and helps children adapt positively to changes following divorce or separation.

Mother and a Child

How can we Help?

There are many of types of parenting time plans, known as custody schedules. Together, with a child centric focus in mind, we can navigate the different types of schedules. Whether you and your co-parent choose a 2-2-5 schedule or a 60/40 parenting plan schedule, we will work together to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved, using technology based visual boards and other mediums.

Cost and Location

As a virtual mediation center, we offer the convenience of conducting family mediation sessions from the comfort of your own home with low and transparent pricing. This allows both parties to participate in the process without the need to travel to a physical location, while saving your  hard earned money for the ones that matter.

Father Playing with Daughters
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