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About Nephele Delis M.Ed.

Family and Divorce Mediator Nephele Delis - Delis Mediation

At Delis Mediation, we are dedicated to helping individuals, couples and families reach resolutions quickly and without the costly delays of litigation. We are committed to providing you with a safe and supportive atmosphere to help you find an agreement that works best for you.
We understand that every case is unique and that there is no "one size fits all’ solution and are here to help you create a tailored resolution that meets your needs. We are passionate about helping you find the best outcome for your situation.

Nephele Delis leads Delis Mediation, LLC. with profound empathy and a compassionate, child and family-centric approach, enriched by her 15 years of invaluable teaching experience and a Master of Education from National Louis University. Her practice is deepened by over 136 hours of specialized family mediation training, covering Parenting Plans, divorce mediation, conflict resolution across diverse religious traditions, complex family issues, parenting coordination, and special education mediation. This extensive training ensures her sessions are thoughtfully tailored to meet the unique challenges faced by children and families in conflict, aiming for resilient, harmonious, and positive outcomes. Nephele has an unwavering commitment to child and family centric solutions, that foster healthier relationships, both now and in the future and are reflected in her philanthropic efforts for organizations in Illinois and outside the United States. She offers flexible scheduling, during the weekday and weekends, with extended hours, offering virtual sessions, making the mediation process accessible, reducing stress for families and is always a mediator near you. 

"Never Discourage Anyone Who Continually Makes Progress, No Matter How Slow" - Plato


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