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What is Mediation?

Mediation is an effective dispute resolution method that involves a neutral third party to help settle disputes between two or more parties. This third party helps to facilitate conversation between the parties, identify issues, and develop a solution that is satisfactory to all parties involved. The mediator acts as a facilitator to help the parties communicate more effectively and reach a resolution without a formal court process. Mediation is a cost-effective and time-saving alternative to litigation.

How is Mediation different than litigation?

Mediation differs greatly as the resolution or agreement that gets reached is not given by the court or argued by attorneys; rather, it is the parties and mediator, that go over everything and decide what the parties would like to do in order to reach their own accord. 

What type of mediation do you

We practice in the areas of family mediation, general mediation, parenting time mediation, court ordered mediation and  educational mediation. We serve all these areas with honesty, transparency, respect, and  for those with families we practice a family and child centric approach. 

Is mediation completely voluntary?

The true answer depends on how sessions are booked or ordered. If parties have sought out mediation it is voluntary unless otherwise court ordered. Court ordered mediation is explained below in more detail. In either case, parties must be willing to listen and be open to solving their dispute, as the agreement they reach is what they want to make of it. 

What does a mediator do that myself and the other party can't do ourselves? 

A mediator's job is to sit and listen to both parties, all the while remaining a true neutral. This facilitates an open discussion on the issues and feelings both parties have regarding their dispute. Creating a non-litigious and non adversarial environment helps the parties reach an agreement that they are comfortable with.

What is Parent Coordination Coach?

A Parent Coordinator is a friendly and skilled guide, specially there to help divorced or separated parents navigate the often-tricky waters of co-parenting. They work to smooth out disagreements about raising the kids, making sure both parents are heard and understood. Their main goal is to ensure the parenting plan is followed effectively, but they do it with a warm touch, always keeping the kids' needs and best interests at heart. This role is really about bringing peace and cooperation to the family dynamic, making life a bit easier for everyone involved.

How long does mediation take?

Depending on the dispute, mediation can vary from situation. Each session is an hour as it is a very impassioned process revealing emotions and feelings that parties need to process in order to reach a positive resolution.

Are mediators bound to confidentiality?

Everything in mediation remains completely confidential with exceptions for child abuse, child neglect, sexual abuse for both minors and adults, and crimes committed.

Why is the court asking me to come to mediation? What's the point?

The judge will order both parties so they can freely air grievances and come up with their own resolutions that can later be presented to the judge, on their own terms, not the courts.

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