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One Virtual Mediation Session

Available Online

One hour Mediation Zoom Session

  • 1 hour
  • 150 US dollars
  • Zoom

 A 15 minute free consultation zoom session, prior

This includes one virtual mediation session, scheduling, basic questions before, during and after sessions, case file review (if applicable), and short summary agreement.

Cancellation Policy

. **Confidentiality**: All mediation communications, including documents and mediator notes, are confidential and will not be used as evidence in any court proceedings. Mediation materials are destroyed four weeks after concluding services. Participants may not subpoena the mediator or use mediation documents in legal proceedings. **Limits of Confidentiality**: DM is required by law to report allegations of child abuse disclosed during mediation. If a participant’s safety is at risk, the mediator may notify appropriate authorities. Breaches of confidentiality lead to immediate termination of mediation and forfeiture of payments. **Roles in Mediation**: The Mediator assists in addressing issues, facilitating discussions without offering legal advice, and remains neutral. Participants engage in open, respectful communication, maintain confidentiality, and actively seek mutually acceptable solutions.. *Legal Framework*: The Mediator does not legally represent the participants and is barred from providing legal advice. Participants should manage concurrent legal proceedings and may retain independent legal counsel at any time. *Fees*. The hourly fee for mediation session time of $150 per hour. Hourly rates also apply to any work that includes anytime spent outside of sessions drafting the Memorandum of Agreement, corresponding via mail, fax or e-mail, phone discussions with the Participants, the attorney(s), or with other persons concerning matters related to the mediation case which also includes and is not limited to any preparatory work. There is no fee for initial consults before the first mediation is scheduled and for scheduling sessions, unless deemed so by DM in extreme circumstances. Participants will receive invoices for all services rendered from the Mediator with a breakdown of costs including any administrative or clerical costs if applicable. Costs and fees may be adjusted on a case-by-case basis, as deemed appropriate by the mediator, with the aim of assisting Parties in need. Payments may be split between the participants if needed but must make up the total sum that is due and outstanding for services. If one of the Participants is financially responsible for the fees of the mediation services rendered, the ing will reflect said responsibility. Each Participant will be duly provided with a copy of outstanding and paid statements. DM will distribute statements electronically through email.

Contact Details


Bloomington, IL, USA

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